Lucky Paws Pet Sitting LLC
Lucky Paws Pet Sitting LLC

A relaxed pet is a happy pet!

Just like you, your pets love your home. They have their favorite spots, know
all the best places to lie in the sun, and have all their toys nearby. When you
have to be away they will surely miss you. So why stress them out further by
boarding them away from home, exposing them to other pets, smells, and
Lucky Paws Pet Sitting can help

There's an alternative to bothering friends and neighbors (again), putting
the lives of your pets and your home in the hands of a neighborhood
teenager, or spending precious time driving to and from boarding
kennels or doggy day care!
Lucky paws offers professional, reliable and trustworthy services. We are locally-owned
and operated, fully insured and certified in pet first aid.

Daytime dog-walking, pet and house sitting, pet taxi, vet visits, and more - all delivered
with love and attention for your pe

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Serving Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield and surrounding
Keeping your pet happy at home
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services

Your pets are part of the family. When you have to be away from home,
whether you're away on vacation, a business trip, or just working long
hours,make sure your furry friends are well looked after, safe, and getting all
the love, attention and exercise they need to stay happy